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On-Demand Learning

Updated: Sep 1

Welcome to Wellcoaches On-Demand Learning Offerings. Please enjoy these opportunities to earn continuing education for further professional development and/or credential renewals.

Coaching Specialty Collection I This collection of five continuing education classes will help you hone your coaching skills. The Collection I series covers affirmations, open-ended questions, systemic coaching, how contracts play a role in coaching, and more. Four sessions offer coaching demonstrations, and the fifth class provides a thoughtful conversation about many coaching challenges that directly or indirectly result from failure to contract effectively.

In this offering, you will learn:

* Describe how close-ended questions can sometimes come from an expert mindset and transcribe them into open-ended, though-provoking inquiries * Shift from praising to truly affirming * Replace repeating with perceptive and other types of reflections * Define Systemic Coaching * The value of coaching from a systems perspective * Recognize the steps to setting up the dialogue with a symptom exercise * Observe a coaching demonstration that supports a client to explore, grow, and learn from the written dialogue * Discuss lessons learned following the demonstration * Consider where/how you might use this tool

CEUs: Wellcoaches 5, NBHWC 5, ACSM 5, NCHEC 4


Business Specialty Collection II This collection of five continuing education classes will help you build your coaching business, design policies and procedures to keep your business healthy and happy.


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