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On-Demand Learning

Updated: Feb 9

Welcome to Wellcoaches' On-Demand Learning Offerings. We invite you to take advantage of these opportunities to earn continuing education for further professional development and/or credential renewals.

Coaching Specialty Collection I This collection of five continuing education classes will help you hone your coaching skills. The Collection I series covers affirmations, open-ended questions, systemic coaching, how contracts play a role in coaching, and more. Four sessions offer coaching demonstrations, and the fifth class provides a thoughtful conversation about many coaching challenges that may, directly or indirectly, result from unclear contract parameters. (This collection of classes was initially hosted in our Wellcoaches Membership program.)

In this offering, you will learn how to:

* Describe how close-ended questions can sometimes come from an expert mindset and transcribe them into open-ended, though-provoking inquiries * Shift from praising to truly affirming * Replace repeating with perceptive and other types of reflections * Define Systemic Coaching * See the value of coaching from a systems perspective * Recognize the steps to setting up the dialogue with a symptom exercise * Observe a coaching demonstration that supports a client to explore, grow, and learn from the written dialogue * Discuss lessons learned following the demonstration * Consider where/how you might use this tool

CEUs: Wellcoaches 5, NBHWC 5, ACSM 5, NCHEC 4

Coaching Clients to a Healthy Weight: Clearing a Path to Healthier Lives in Diet Culture with Greg Hottinger and Michael Scholtz There are many mixed messages to consider when coaching clients toward their weight loss goal. There is pressure from society to achieve a specific body weight or shape. And when a client’s weight is considered a health risk there is also pressure from the healthcare field. As a result, many overweight clients have unrealistic expectations and low self-acceptance and feel defeated by efforts to lose weight.

And, for those who are overweight but active and healthy, research shows that losing as little as 5% of body weight can make a positive health difference, including the prevention of Type II diabetes.

Navigating this world of confusing information and often conflicting standards and expectations is difficult. With the increasing prevalence of our population dealing with issues related to overweight and obesity, coaches need to be appropriately skilled to assist their clients in working toward a healthier life.

Participation in this course will provide coaches with:

  • an understanding of the evidence of how people lose weight

  • an in-depth look at seven key obstacles to weight loss

  • an exploration of dozens of practical tools designed to help your clients approach weight loss or weight maintenance in a compassionate way

CEUs: Wellcoaches 9, ACSM 9, NBHWC 9, NCHEC 9

Coaching Specialty Collection II

This collection of five continuing education classes will help you grow and expand your coaching skills. The Collection II series covers A Coach Approach to Mental Health, Coaching Clients with Burnout Symptoms, Coaching Skills in Action: Words Create Worlds, Coaching Skills in Action: Honoring the Integrity of the Generative Moment, and Reflections. The first class in the series provides an essential structure for how a coach can approach mental health issues that may show up in the course of a coaching relationship. Three sessions offer coaching demonstrations focusing on issues of today like burnout, appreciative inquiry, and the deep value of the generative moment. Lastly, the fifth session covers reflections, the different kinds that can be used in a coaching session, and how to use them effectively. (This collection of classes was initially hosted in our Wellcoaches Membership program.)

Through this collection, you will learn how to:

* Name indicators of declining mental health in a person * Identify and follow a referral process for further investigation/treatment * Identify red flags in mental health and take appropriate action

* Employ the 5 stages of AI in a coaching context * Appraise the value of the 5 AI principles as a systemic rather than linear model

* Evaluate the impact of AI inquiries focussed on perceived negative experiences

address key facets of burnout

* Identify coaching approaches for dealing with burnout among clients, including other coaches * Demonstrate how the coach honors the client’s agenda * Demonstrate relational flow between coach and client

* Explain how to stay grounded and focused as a coach during a generative moment.

* Describe the main types of reflections and the circumstances in which they may be used for the best effect.

* Practice making reflections using a variety of linguistic styles.

CEUs: Wellcoaches 5, NBHWC 5, ACSM 5, NCHEC 3

Cut Through the Noise: The Stark Truth About What it Takes to Make a Living at Coaching

With Mary Cravets To earn enough money to support a life you love, you must master two skill sets: coaching skills and business development skills.

Wellcoaches has equipped you fully for the first, but so often, new coaches' businesses fail because they either…

1. Avoid the business development skills altogether- and their business goes nowhere. OR

2. Get overwhelmed by conflicting advice from marketing “gurus” who leave you feeling lost, turned off by icky sales tactics, and paralyzed with confusion.

It’s time to cut through the noise, simplify, and ensure you’re doing the right things to grow your business.

This workshop is not for the faint of heart! It provides hard truths and straightforward advice so you will:

  • Understand how to use three simple questions to create your own unique strategy to get more clients and become profitable faster.

  • Uncover mindset roadblocks about sales and marketing, so you put yourself out there in ways you actually enjoy!

  • Learn the easy-to-overlook myths, mistakes and missteps that significantly slow your ability to get paying clients

  • Figure out the best use of your time as you get started (especially if you have a full-time job you want to escape!)

CEUs: Wellcoaches 3, NBHWC 3

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