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Once you have earned the Wellcoaches Certification, you may be eligible to earn the designation of "National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach" through the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Please see the NBHWC website for all requirements and timelines.

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In order to integrate the coach into the healthcare team, Wellcoaches CEO Margaret Moore co-founded NBHWC (a nonprofit affiliate of the National Board of Medical Examiners), secured a multi-year collaboration with the CDC on the DPP program, and leads the NBHWC reimbursement team including the rollout of new AMA CPT codes for health and well-being coaching.


By completing the national board certification you too are leading the field!

Become a Certified Wellcoach®

Become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach


FIRST, earn your Wellcoaches Certification as either a "Certified Health and Wellness Coach" or a "Certified Personal Coach" by completing Modules 1-3.

Complete Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches 


As a coach, it is important to have a holistic and broad understanding of healthy living. Module 4 is an 18-hour e-course, built in collaboration with ACLM, provides education on key healthy lifestyle topics such as brain health and basic biometrics, from leading experts. 


Completion of Module 4  (including 100% review of content, at least an 80% score on quizzes and all surveys) is required for course completion and to receive a "Lifestyle Medicine Coach Certificate" in addition to being a "Certified Wellcoach®".

You may begin Module 4 prior to Modules 1-3, or complete it following Modules 1-3.

Complete Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches Course

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Please see the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching for all requirements and timelines.