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Earn an ICF Certificaton

Strive toward mastery

Once you have earned our advanced Wellcoaches Professional Certification, you may be eligible to earn an ICF Certification through the International Coach Federation. Please see their website for all requirements and timelines. Create a positive impact in your community by helping people tap into their potential with an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certification. Wellcoaches is an accredited coach training program by ICF providing practical skills and tools you need to make a change in your life and in your community. Our curriculum is evidence-based and will lead you and your clients to feel confident, inspired, and ready to take action. Learn more about the steps below for how to become ICF Certified.

1. Become a Certified Wellcoach®

Step 1. Become a Certified Health and Well-being Coach


FIRST, earn your Wellcoaches Certification as a "Certified Health and Well-being Coach

Step 2. Become a Professional Wellcoach Coach


Once you have completed our Core Coach Training & Certification program, start making plans to lift your coaching mastery to a galactic orbit with our 9-month advanced Professional Coach Training & Certification Program. This advanced program is specially designed for our Certified Wellcoaches only.

2. Become a Certified Professional Wellcoach®

3. Apply for the ICF Certification

Step 3. Apply for an ICF Certification


Trainees who complete the sequence of Wellcoaches Coach Training Program and the 10-month advanced Professional Coach Training program (PCT) may earn 142.5 ICF Coach Specific Training Hours and apply for an ICF coaching certification (ACC or PCC) via the ACTP Path, if they meet the ICF requirements. Please see the International Coach Federation for all requirements and certification options.

Common Questions

What are the benefits of an ICF Certification?
There are many benefits of the ICF Certification, including business development, global connections and research.

What are the ICF Certification hours and requirements?
The ACC Path, the PCC path and the MCC Path.

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