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Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) Continuing Professional Development Courses

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Wellcoaches is an endorsed Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) CPD provider

The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) has endorsed Wellcoaches as a provider of continuing professional development (CPD) for nurses. Our APNA CPD courses are evidence-based and will support you in making a greater impact and having a deeper connection with patients. Earn your APNA CPDs today!

Enhance Your Impact with Approved APNA CPDs

Attend in our virtual classroom with real-time instruction or on-site classes

coaching psychology manual by wellcoaches

Make a greater impact as a nursing professional with the skills of health coaching!

Cost: $1785 virtual classroom (9-week, 4-week or 4-day)

$2145 (4-day on-site)

Completion of Module 1 (including 100% attendance, completion of all lesson feedback surveys and a score of 80% or greater on quizzes) is required for course completion and to receive a Certificate of Attendance. See all upcoming classes.

Lesson topics include:​

  • ​​Differentiating the coach from the expert

  • How to establish growth-promoting relationships

  • Coaching presence

  • Expressing compassion through empathy

  • Building positive emotions for resilience

  • Eliciting motivation

  • Building self-efficacy

  • Readiness to change

  • Building powerful visions

  • Crafting designs for behavior experiments

  • Creating generative (ah-ha!) moments

  • Appreciative goal review

  • Coaching habits e-course

“Collaborating with Wellcoaches School of Coaching has transformed our institutional approach to supporting physician well-being. The physicians who underwent training and certification are newly empowered to walk this journey toward meaning, purpose, and engagement with their colleagues, and with themselves. They are well prepared to work 1:1 with their colleagues and are also engaging in small and large group coaching which has been invaluable for improving system-level issues within the institution.”

- Kerri Palamara McGrath, MD, Director of the Center for Physician Well-being at Massachusetts General Hospital


Reporting APNA Continuing Professional Development

Once all requirements are complete, a Certificate of Attendance will be provided to the student. Wellcoaches will then report your name to APNA. You will be emailed a certificate directly from APNA, approximately 8 weeks after receiving the Wellcoaches Certificate of Attendance, that you may use to claim your APNA CPDs.

Have questions about a course?

Your Coach Concierge, assigned by the first letter of your last name, is here to support you:

Telephone: (866) 932-6224 (866 WE-COACH)

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