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Wellcoaches Research

22 Peer Reviewed Studies - all delivering Statistically Significant Positive Outcomes

Wellcoaches Research

Coach with confidence

When you use our coaching tools, you can be assured that they work!

The Wellcoaches Protocol of health/well-being coaching is the most thoroughly tested coaching protocol in the healthcare and well-being domains, resulting in positive, statistically significant outcomes in all 22 peer reviewed studies.

194 coaches, 30,984 patients/clients, 128,076 coaching sessions


Wellcoaches Research Citations

Coaching Psychology Manual

Our peer-reviewed manual published by Wolters Kluwer describes the Wellcoaches coaching protocol, taught in Wellcoaches' core training program and implemented in the peer-reviewed coaching case studies and practice-based outcomes research shown on this page.

Impact of Wellcoaches Training

Lombardo, C. M. (2020). An exploration of trainees’ experience and the effects of the Wellcoaches training program (Order No. 27957264). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (2419104009). 

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