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Advanced Coach Training for the Certified Coach

What is a professional coach?

Start making plans to lift your coaching mastery to a galactic orbit with our 9-month advanced Professional Coach Training & Certification Program. This advanced program is specially designed for Certified Wellcoaches,  or Nationally Board Certified Coaches or

ICF-ACC/PCC/MCC Coaches only. This program is developing the future leaders of the health and wellness coaching industry. We built and continue to upgrade an innovative, science and neuroscience-based, robust coaching framework we call the "Onward & Upward Model" designed to enable Certified coaches to help clients optimize mental and physical well-being. This is a hit-the-ball-out-of-the-park opportunity for Certified coaches who want to be masterful coaches.

What Our Students Say

“I am so sad this class has come to an end.   The course has been transformational to me personally and professionally.”
“This course not only enhances the coach's approach, it is transformative on a personal level.”
“The information in this course is fantastic. There is a lot to digest and assimilate and I cherish the value of all that I am learning.”

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Already a National Board Certified Coach?

The Professional Coach Training Program is approved for 36 Continuing Education hours!

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Already a Certified Wellcoach®?

Trainees who complete the sequence of Wellcoaches Core Health & Well-being Coach Training Program (HWCT) after Jully 2018 and the 9-month Advanced Professional Coach Training Program (PCT) after 2023 may earn 142.5 ICF Coach Specific Training Hours and apply for an ICF credential (ACC or PCC). If you completed their original Wellcoaches Certification prior to July 2018 may still be eligible to pursue an ICF certification through the grandfathered ACTP pathway.

1. Become a Certified Coach

Step 1. Become a Certified Health and Well-being Coach


FIRST, earn your Wellcoaches Certification by completing Modules 1-3.

Or earn your National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach designation. Or, earn your PCC or MCC through the International Coach Federation.

Step 2: Complete advanced coach training and certification

Cost: $4100 plus travel and resources


  • Two 2.5 day residential sessions in January and September each year

  • 32 ninety-minute teleclasses with the ability to practice new tools and skills in class, including 8 group coaching sessions

  • Six private mentor coaching sessions with feedback from coaching masters regarding the application of Wellcoaches protocols and International Coach Federation Competencies

  • A reading list of over 20 carefully chosen books written by scientists and psychologists with a strong evidence basis

2. Complete advanced coach training and certification

In Summary...

To become a Wellcoaches Certified Professional Coach:

Be sure you meet the educational pre-requisites

1. Complete an eligible coach certification

2. Complete the 9-month Professional Coach Training Program

3. Earn an ICF Certification

Not a Certified Wellcoach® yet?

Already a Certified Wellcoach,

NBC-HWC or ICF Certified?




I had wanted to attend PCT for 7 years and when I finally did, it exceeded my expectations! I took the class hoping for 3 things: first, that my coaching skill would be elevated to a higher level; second, that I would be personally transformed; and third, that I would establish new meaningful relationships with other coaches. All these things took place – and not just as an event occurring at a particular moment in time, but as a seed that was planted and continues to grow and bear fruit. The initial residential experience established us as a deeply connected group. It laid a foundation of trust and openness that facilitated a deepening connection throughout our classes and practice together during the months to come. The reading and related classes were incredibly enriching. The faculty was outstanding. The weekly online classes became a moment in the week we all looked forward to.  The closing residential session was a reunion of dearest friends that took us to new depths of awareness and new vistas of personal vision.  Like the ripples from a stone thrown in a pond, I will be feeling the effects of my PCT class for quite some time as I continue to learn and grow. I am incredibly grateful to have taken this class.   

Joanna Thomas, NBC-HWC

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