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Coaching for Mental Well-being

What is coaching for mental well-being?

There is no health without mental health. We believe it is critical to support coaches in navigating the complexity of the human experience, including emotions - small and big. Having an awareness of the continuum of psychological well-being prepares coaches to work within the spaces of healthy, reacting, and injured; knowing when and how to refer when a client is experiencing emotional pain. ​


  • Recognize common indicators of declining mental well-being and other challenges

  • Identify factors that support mental thriving

  • Explore common myths about mental health and suicide

  • Use mental health screeners for anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation

  • Identify early warning signs of declining mental health; red and yellow flags for mental health concerns​

  • Identify the reasons to refer clients for treatment by specialist providers

  • Identify your scope of practice and ethical considerations including mandatory reporting & record keeping

  • Introduce practices for coach self-care and reflection on practice


Due the nature of the discussions and the knowledge required, this course is only open to Wellcoaches, NBC-HWC, or ICF Certified Coaches

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Approved for 8 hours of
Continuing Education
(live attendance required)

Upcoming Class Options

SEPTEMBER COHORT: Now registering!

Sep 25 & 27 / Oct 2 & 4 from 5-7pm ET


Nov 14 & 16 from 2:30-4:30pm ET and 5-7pm ET


Dec 1 from 9am-6:30pm ET

Course Structure

  • Facilitated by Simon Matthews (Psychologist, Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional, NBC-HWC, PCC) and Kelly Davis Martin (Doctorate in Behavioral Health and a Master’s degree in Health Education and Promotion, NBC-HWC, PCC) through brief lecture, ample discussion and practice

  • Written Knowledge Assessment and Practical Skills Assessment

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