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Deepen Your Coaching Efficacy With New Skills

Design Coaching

No Smoke Just Mirrors (1).png

No Smoke…Just Mirrors:
Using reflections in coaching to show understanding, build connection and promote change

Facilitator: Simon Matthews

Date/time:  2-5 p.m. ET Tuesday, August 27

Course fee:  $225

CEUs: Wellcoaches 3,  NBHWC 3

This class will explore a conceptual framework for the construction of powerful reflections in coaching. Participants will learn the components of reflections and how to construct and deconstruct them to add value and impact to coaching engagements. This is a live, experiential class consisting of both conceptual teaching and practical coaching exercises and feedback. In the interest of providing an optimal experience in this workshop the registration is capped at 16 participants.

Participants will be able to:

* describe the conceptual dimensions of the Reflection Cube model and the purpose each dimension serves
* deconstruct a given reflection into dimensional component
* construct a reflection from component dimensions, given a client prompt, which demonstrates deep understanding and empathy.
* select the most appropriate type of reflection for a given client prompt, based on the principles of the Reflection cube model.

first responders Sept 6.png

Coaching First Responders

Facilitator: Erin Craw, Danielle Kawash, and Simon Matthews

Date/Time: Noon-1 p.m. ET Friday, September 6-October 4

Cost: $375

CEUs: Wellcoaches 5 

In this class you’ll learn the common challenges first responders face, which hinder self-care and health optimization. You’ll learn how to engage in effective conversations with first responders about their health-related needs and desires, build rapport, and how coaching this unique population can help strengthen their autonomy, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and health.


After completing this course, learners will be able to:

* Describe how first responder mindset can exacerbate the impact of stressors

* Analyze the nexus between lifestyle health and occupational longevity

* Evaluate the systemic relationship between first responder wellbeing and family relationships

* Create personalized approaches to coaching first responders to develop and maintain wellbeing

group coaching basics March 2024.png

Group Coaching Basics

Facilitator: Michael Scholtz

Date/time: Noon-1:30 p.m. ET Wednesdays, September 25-October 30

Cost: $440

CEUs: Wellcoaches 9, ACSM 9, NCHEC 9, NBHWC 9

This 6-week course on group coaching is a win-win-win. You reach more people and your clients access more affordable coaching. And, everyone benefits from the supportive network and creative power of a community. The ability to create groups, effectively market to groups, and conduct group sessions requires that you learn new skills and that you apply your core coaching skills in new ways.

Participants will learn:

• how to develop a successful group coaching practice
• what group coaching is and how it differs from individual coaching
• logistics of group coaching (determining group size, meeting length, fees, etc.)
• how to manage group dynamics
• how to market your program

This class includes both sharing of ideas and practice. Participants will have the opportunity to be coached and coach others as we explore the unique dynamics provided by a group environment.

Check out this Q&A info session recently hosted by Michael Scholtz


coaching youth and families.png

Facilitator: Kelly Davis Martin

Coaching Youth and Families

October 2024

Date/time:  3-5 p.m. ET Thursdays, October 3-24 

Course fee:  $400

CEUs: Wellcoaches 8, ACSM 8, NBHWC 8

Are you interested in learning how to coach youth and families? In this series, we will discuss the differences in working with youth and adults and how to approach offering services in pediatrics. Explore how coaches can work with kids at various ages to impact their healthy behaviors.


This series will cover:

* Learning about business and logistical ideas and limitations in working with youth.

* Discussing youth development and how this impacts their behavior change.

* Discussing the role of the family system and how to work within this system to support the child.

* Focusing on coaching skills with youth and their families.

Nature-Based Coaching 2024 SMALLER version.png
May 2025

Facilitator: Michael Scholtz

Date/time:  TBD

Cost: $400

CEUs: Wellcoaches 6, NBHWC 6, ACSM 6, NCHEC 6

We will explore empirical evidence of the positive effects of nature on emotional and physical well-being. From beneficial bacteria in the soil we touch, to breathing in the aromatics of plants and trees, to listening to the calming quality of birdsong, nature measurably impacts our health. We’ll discuss some of the compelling science and some ideas for helping clients connect to nature in a way that soothes and heals. 

Beyond the benefits to our health, nature can inspire us to do greater things. Being in the outdoors can help clients tap into positive emotions, which can open their eyes to new pathways and resources they are not fully utilizing. 

And, in nature, we can seek challenge. Nature provides an arena where adventures can unfold. We will talk about ways clients can discover their growth-promoting adventures. 

* You will learn about scientific evidence that supports how nature positively impacts our health and well-being. 

* You will learn about resources you can share with clients to help them better utilize the healing powers of the outdoors. 

* You will learn about how nature can lead to inspiration, creating a space for your clients to create more expansive visions and take on more growth opportunities. 

* You will learn about resources that you can share with clients to help them use nature experiences to tap into inspiration. 

* You will learn how clients can use outdoor adventure as a tool for growth. 

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