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Become a Nurse Wellcoach®: Improving Nurse Health & Well-being and Impact

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The professional lives of nurses demand the highest-ever levels of internal resources and well-being to meet the growing challenges faced by patients, as well as healthcare practices and organizations.  

As a Nurse Wellcoach®, or health & well-being coach, you can become a new force for good - helping your patients, colleagues, and leaders tap into their deepest motivation, draw out their strengths, set their compass on their best selves, and shift their mindsets and behaviors to enable positive, lasting change. 

All the while, you will be transformed through your own self-coaching journey, rediscovering your deepest values and resources, and rising above the tide of burnout.

Why become a Nurse Wellcoach®?

  • Improve your own well-being. Learning about, and applying, key coaching concepts like self-compassion, growth-mindset, and wellness visioning will inevitably have a positive impact on your own life.

  • Increase patient satisfaction and engagement. Your patients will experience you as a more empathetic listener who delivers patient-centered care.

  • Change the culture of your organization. Gain valuable skills for communicating with colleagues and building trusting, and collaborative relationships.

  • Enjoy your professional development and earn CEs. Module 1 of our Core Coach Training is approved for 38.25 CEs, and Module 2 for 10 CEs.

Curious about your own well-being?

Wellcoaches has developed a validated inventory to support you in reflecting upon your own well-being in the areas of life, work, body, and mind. Take the Inventory or share it with a patient!

Coach with confidence

When you use our coaching tools, you can be assured that they work!  The Wellcoaches Protocol of health/well-being coaching is the most thoroughly tested coaching protocol in the healthcare and well-being domains, resulting in positive, statistically significant outcomes in all 22 peer-reviewed studies.

194 coaches, 30,984 patients/clients, 128,076 coaching sessions

What you will learn

  1. The keys to improving patient well-being (and your own)

  2. How to differentiate the coach approach from the educational approach

  3. How to establish growth-promoting relationships

  4. Ways to display deep coaching presence

  5. Expressing compassion through empathy

  6. The value of building positive emotions for resilience

  7. Strategies for eliciting motivation

  8. The process for building self-efficacy

  9. The stages of readiness to change

  10. The protocol for building powerful visions

  11. Inquiries for crafting designs for behavior experiments

  12. What it takes to create generative (ah-ha!) moments


Meet a Few of our Faculty and Team Members who are Nurses

Kim Poyner, RN, PN, PCC, NBC-HWC

Kim has an extensive history working with medical centres and Primary Health Networks to train medical professionals in behaviour change therapy and chronic disease management. She was awarded the 2015 Australian Best Practice Nurse award in Chronic Disease Management. She is currently training Health Professionals across Australia in chronic disease management, prevention screening, and Quality Improvement strategies. She regularly presents at national conferences as a keynote speaker on Change Management, Teaming, Coaching, Chronic Disease Management, Creating Efficiency in General Practice and Care Co-ordination.

Darlene Trandel, PhD, RN/FNP, MSN, CPP, PCC, NBC-HWC

With over 25 years of clinical practice, research and teaching background in the healthcare industry, Darlene is an experienced family nurse practitioner, professional coach, consultant, educator, and researcher. Darlene received her academic training at the Universities of Virginia, Washington, North Carolina and Harvard and has many years of clinical, research and faculty appointments at these institutions. Darlene is faculty in multiple ICF-Approved Coaching Programs and graduate university programs, delivers workshops in evidence-based coaching strategies and provides services as a health/well-being coach and consultant to individuals and organizations. Darlene is a guest lecturer for the Science of Coaching courses at Harvard and a contributing team member for NBHWC.

Beth Tansey Peller, RN, BS, BSN, PCC, NBC-HWC

Beth is a Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach, an ICF Professional Certified Coach, and took the first exam offered to become a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She has served as a Wellcoaches Practical Skills Assessor and Mentor Coach for many years, wrote Going from Beginner to Brilliant, A Practical Guide to Passing Your Practical, and contributed to our National Board Prep Exam and Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches module.

Participating in the 4-day Wellcoaches training & certification process was a rewarding experience. The pace of the program was just what I needed as a busy mom with a demanding career in healthcare. The curriculum was well put together and the instructors were simply amazing. I loved that they offered real life experiences and presented the content in a manner that was easily understood. The self paced modules provided me with an opportunity to review them at my convenience, some of which I reviewed multiple times because the information was so intriguing. At the completion of the Wellcoaches training & certification program, I feel I have learned priceless skills that I can use in my everyday life as a nurse, leader, coach, and entrepreneur. I am thankful to have found such an amazing program that has provided me with a solid foundation to coach clients with confidence.

Kai Lang


Meet a Few of our Nurse Graduates

Christine Buckley, DNP, Certified Health and Well-Being Coach, March 2021 

As a Professor of Nursing at  Endicott College, she focuses on integrating mindfulness and resiliency training into the formal education of nursing students as a tool to cultivate resiliency and mitigate burnout. She offers Mindful Wellbeing & Resiliency programs in academic and clinical settings and teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts. Her individual and group Mindfulness Based Health and Wellness Coaching fosters the creation of sustainable, personalized pathways for mindfulness and well-being.

Elizabeth Peltz, RN, Certified Health and Well-Being Coach, NBC-HWC, December 2021

Elizabeth lives in Wyoming and devotes one to two days per week to coaching. She has a strong interest in collaborating with primary care providers to support patients in making and sustaining lifestyle changes. Elizabeth also does pro bono coaching for, a startup created by fellow Wellcoaches graduate, Alice Zhang.

Linda Mikitish, Certified Health & Well-being Coach, NBC-HWC, August 2018

Linda is the Nurse Health Coach who helped to build and expand the group Lifestyle Medicine Clinic at St. Luke’s in Meridian, Idaho, using the Wellcoaches model of coaching. Linda finds coaching as a nurse “exhilarating.” Cardiac and Pulmonary rehabilitation nurses shadow Linda in the Lifestyle Medicine clinic. 

Doretha Anthony Thomas, LPN,  Certified Health & Well-being Coach, January 2022, NBC-HWC

Doretha is focused on caregivers to provide coaching to them as they navigate often challenging times. She works part-time as a nurse as she is building her coaching business. 

Nancy Miller, BSN, RN, Certified health and Well-Being Coach, February 2024 After becoming a Certified Life Coach through Wellcoaches and AG Coaching, Nancy's dream of starting her own business became a reality when she took early retirement from being a School Nurse.

Shawna Oliver, RN, Certified Wellcoach, NBC-HWC considers herself fortunate to be Wellcoaches certified and a member since 2012 . "The camaraderie from other members and the assistance from the leadership team is invaluable. The Wellcoaches curriculum positions members to be in an ideal place to sit for the National Board of Health and Wellness Coach Exam and its CEU'S count towards that renewal. Above all, continuing educational classes provide opportunities that allow members to evolve as coaches and serve clients with the latest information on behavior change and to be informed on how to address current societal well-being issues."


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