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Exploring the Benefits of Becoming a Physician Coach

Updated: Apr 24

Physicians are leaders in addressing the root causes of chronic diseases in primary care and establishing reimbursed Health and Well-being Coaching Services. Physicians who are trained as coaches are pioneers who will shape the future of healthcare.

Why become a Physician Coach?

  • Improve your own well-being. Learning about, and applying, key coaching concepts like self-compassion, growth-mindset, and wellness visioning will inevitably have a positive impact on your own life.

  • Increase patient satisfaction and engagement. Your patients will experience you as a more empathetic listener who delivers patient-centered care.

  • Change the culture of your organization. Gain valuable skills for communicating with colleagues and building trusting, collaborative relationships.

Where are our Physician Coaches?

Wellcoaches has trained and supported hundreds of physicians as coaches through Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins, Stanford University Hospital, Emory University Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital, and members of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine community.

Curious about your own well-being?

Wellcoaches has developed a validated inventory to support you in reflecting upon your own well-being in the areas of life, work, body, and mind. Take the Inventory or share it with a patient!

Additional Resources on Physician Coaching

  1. The American Medical Association's Coaching in Medical Education (contributions by Wellcoaches CEO Margaret Moore)

  2. Foundations in Lifestyle Medicine Board Review Course (contributions by Wellcoaches Chief Coaching Officer Erika Jackson)

  3. Two Randomized Controlled studies of Wellcoaches coaching for physician burnout show robust efficacy

    1. Coaching for primary care physician well-being: A randomized trial and follow-up analysis. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 2020

    2. Physician Coaching by Professionally Trained Peers for Burnout and Well-Being: A Randomized Clinical Trial, JAMA Network Open, 2024

  4. AAFP Lifestyle Medicine Course (coaching content developed by Chief Coaching Officer Erika Jackson and presented by Faculty Member Charles Inniss)

  5. Mayo Clinic Proceeding study defining physician coaching competencies (contributions by Wellcoaches CEO Margaret Moore)

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