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This page features jobs shared with us by partners and jobs where the listing specifies that Wellcoaches certification is desired.  Positions included are coaches and other health industry professionals with coach-like qualities and skills.  Please direct all inquiries to the hiring organization.

Health Educator, Part-time

St. Joseph's/Candler, Georgia

Posted 6/6/2023

The Cardiac Rehab Health Educator is responsible for the delivery of client care: managing assigned personnel, and promoting collaboration among multi-disciplinary health care team.The role of the Health Educator is: 1. to assess and risk stratify patients utilizing AACVPR guidelines, 2. to educate the patient and their family on interventions aimed at restoring functional capacity and effecting favorable modifications of coronary heart disease risk factors and respiratory disease, 3. to coordinate and supervise research and provide long-term patient tracking, and 4. to promote confidence in the client' ability to achieve personal fitness and wellness goals.

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Onsite Health and Wellness Consultant -

Duval County Public Schools Health Plan

Florida Blue

Posted 5/25/2023

Coordinate and facilitate the Duval County Public Schools’ Workplace Wellness program. Work collaboratively with teams within Florida Blue and Duval County Public Schools to: Plan and develop health and wellness programs using aggregate data from Personal Health Assessment, claims, predictive modeling, and regional demographics; Implement and administer health and wellness programs (including but not limited to team and individual challenges, wellness presentations, one on one or group coaching sessions, email campaigns, etc.); Monitor and evaluate health and wellness programs to determine and measure success towards health and wellness goals; Assist with education and promotion of Duval County Public Schools’ Workplace Wellness programs to maximize participation; Assist in implementing, reporting, promoting, and managing of Duval County Public Schools Diabetes Management Program.

Respiratory Therapist - Pulmonary Rehab

Montage Health, California

Posted 5/20/203

The role includes providing comprehensive patient assessment, identifying barriers to learning, developing and implementing an individual treatment plan, evaluating patient’s response to treatment, appropriateness of the plan of care, and effectiveness of interventions and outcome through the multi-week pulmonary rehabilitation outpatient program.  Develop and facilitate professional, interactive, evidence-based group education presentations/material regarding pulmonary disease management.  Completion of Wellcoaches training required within one year of hire.

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Registered Dietitian

Vivante Health, Remote

Posted 5/20/2023

Provide one-on-one HIPAA-compliant telephonic, video, and instant message coaching to members seeking improved digestion and relief from chronic digestive conditions. Provide individualized and holistic health coaching based on member’s primary concern, including but not limited to: stress management, mindfulness, healthy sleep, medication adherence, self-advocacy, physical activity, self-monitoring, and assistance with the app, GIThrive. Provide Medical Nutrition Therapy to members based on state(s) licensure and based on the member’s primary concern.  Candidates with health coach certification, including by Wellcoaches, preferred.

Wellness Coach

Mercy Medical Center, Iowa

Posted 5/16/2023

Conduct one on one consultations (wellness coaching) for health improvement. Create, organize and conduct health education programs. Coordinate and deliver health risk appraisals. Analyze data from health risk appraisals and biometric testing.


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Clinical Health Coach

HealthFirst, Florida

Posted 5/16/2023

The Health Coach will be responsible for contacting patients that are eligible for the program for enrollment and providing necessary wellness coaching to reduce or eliminate high-risk behaviors, improve self-management of their chronic condition, reduce the risk of admission or readmission into the hospital and improve overall health and well-being of the patient. Provide face-to-face and/or telephonic coaching, support and education. Utilize motivational interviewing and engagement strategies to support overall health, wellness of patients and self-management which includes employing behavior change/motivational interviewing skills to assess readiness, health goal setting short and/or long term needs, engage patient's plans for change following standard policy and procedures, clinical guidelines and national evidenced-based criteria.

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Zen Garden

Health Coach, remote part-time

Massachusetts General Brigham Health Plan

Posted 5/9/2023

The Health Coach is responsible for improving Mass General Brigham Health Plan members' knowledge, skills, tools, and self-efficacy so they may achieve their self-identified health goals.  The primary topics of coaching include addressing social determinants of health (SDoH), healthy eating, weight management, physical activity, stress management, and disease prevention. The Health Coach develops a wellness coaching relationship with the member. Responsibilities include conducting member outreach, needs assessment, and goal setting, and assisting the member through the behavior change process.

Dietitian, Part-time

Premise Health, Maryland

Posted 5/9/2023

Consult with site health care professionals to determine patient's nutrition risk and needs. Conduct a nutrition assessment and discuss results of nutrition assessment with patient identifying areas where patient can decrease health risks.​ Establish goals and objectives with patient to meet the nutrition care plan.​ Plan and present nutrition wellness programs based on needs of site and contract. 



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Care Manager RN

Premise Health, California

Posted 5/9/2023

Provide proactive outreach to high risk members identified through claims data. Develop personalized treatment plans using provider care plans and member preferences. Assess member’s educational/clinical/social needs, prioritizing care based on elicited information from the member, Epic, and data analysis.  Serve as member advocate. Coach effectively virtually using video and phone. Collaborate with health center staff to coordinate and promote health and wellness programs.



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Wellness Coach RN

Premise Health, Georgia

Posted 5/9/2023

Manage a panel of high-risk members with chronic conditions to provide frequent touchpoints and ensure care gap closure as defined by national standards. Support members through scheduled visits and outreach, providing care, education and coordination of resources that assists members to achieve improved health. Provide support and tools needed to help members take control of their health. Coach effectively using in-person, video and telephonic platform.

Condition Manager RN/Wellness Coach

Premise Health, Wisconsin

Posted 5/9/2023

Deliver one on one and/or group coaching sessions in the areas of weight, nutrition, exercise, stress, tobacco cessation, work/life balance and general health. Provide condition specific self-care education to client employee enrolled in the various condition management programs. Assess member’s educational/clinical needs, prioritizing and individualizing program based on elicited information. May coordinate and conduct wellness programs in areas such as nutrition, stress management, weight management, smoking cessation, exercise, and others.




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Zen Garden

Health Promotion Specialist

Beaumont Services Center, Michigan

Posted 5/1/2023

Work in partnership with other Bwell staff for the planning, implementation, organization, and communication of health and wellbeing strategies, interventions and programs. Serve as an advocate and facilitator of health education and wellbeing to employees throughout Beaumont Health.

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Project Nurse, Multiple Openings

University of Rochester, New York

Posted 4/28/2023

The University of Rochester has 2 part-time openings and 1 full-time opening for NY licensed nurses in its Center for Nursing Entrepreneurship. Nurses perform full panel biometric screenings  and provide real time follow up counseling and education about strategies to improve or maintain health. Holistic care is provided within the context of a robust coaching model using evidence and theory-based care. Apply motivational theory to encourage behavior change. Utilize expert coaching techniques to assist clients in developing wellness goals. Engage and encourage participant to utilize resources to make measurable improvements in their wellness goals. To see the full job listings, please click on the To Apply button and, in the search bar, search for Wellcoaches.

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Zen Stones

Corporate Health Coordinator

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital, Indiana

Posted 4/23/2023

Lead the employer wellness program. The Coordinator identifies employers’ unique population health needs and works closely with the employer to improve the employers’ overall population health. Use screenings, coaching, and collaborating to understand employer goals. Work with a diverse population to assist in the development of individualized health plans of care/goals with other health and wellness staff members with a focus on small, steady, sustainable improvements for each patient or group. 

Sr. Health Management/Wellbeing Consultant

Marsh McLennan Agency, Dallas

Posted 3/10/2023

Develop and promote health and well-being initiatives for MMA’s clients. Develop understanding of the clients’ current corporate culture, health and well-being climate, facilities, policies, and how they influence the health and safety of their employee population.

Responsible for implementation and evaluation of population health management programs for assigned clients. Evaluate available data to provide guidance and recommendations to clients regarding population health management as well as seek opportunities for health and well-being initiatives with prospects.




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Public Health Educator-Health Coach

New York Health + Hospitals, New York

Posted 12/16/2022

The Health Coach will provide health coaching support (with emphasis on plant-based nutrition) to adult patients enrolled in the Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program. This program is designed to help patients living with chronic cardiometabolic conditions adopt healthy lifestyle changes across the pillars of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, social connections, and avoidance of risky substances. To see the full job description and to apply, click on the To Apply button, and, in the search bar, search for 83512.

Pebble Beach

Premise Health

Various Positions, Various Locations

Premise Health is a large direct healthcare provider and digital provider.  It works with numerous large commercial and municipal employers in the U.S.  It operates over 800 onsite and nearsite wellness centers in 45 states and Guam, and also offers care through its Digital Wellness Center.  Premise often has job openings for positions, such as Wellness Coaches, Health Coaches, and various Nurse positions, where they prefer candidates with Wellcoaches certification.  To see relevant job openings please visit its Careers page and enter Wellcoaches as a search term.

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