Habit-making is how you take care of your future today — Coach Meg

A habit is the simplest and smallest unit of behavior and mindset that improves your performance and well-being. To be sustained, a habit needs regular practice plus a good dose of both motivation and confidence. Habits become strong and automatic with repetition.

What is a keystone habit?

A powerful habit which starts a chain reaction that transforms other habits and changes the game. It delivers early wins and unlocks hope in the possibility of change. Keystone habits are so powerful that they not only change us but the culture around us when we engage in them together. Find your keystone habits, 3-4 habits that start a chain reaction and change your game. Inspired by Charles DuhiggThe Power of Habit.

What is a Habit?

How it Works

My Habits Library

Your Habits Library has several habits collections to choose from. Our first habit collections focus on Coaching, Behavior Change, Emotional Balance, Burnout Prevention and Transformational Leadership. Each habit (70+ habits to choose from) comes with a 5-10 minute video, resources, reminders and tracker.

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It is vital to select new habits carefully. It can take weeks or months before habits become strong and automatic.

A first step is to learn about a habit, its benefits, and when and how to do it. Each habit comes with a video and other resources to help you learn and reflect on your interest.


Make a decision to test a habit or invest in regular practice, considering your level of motivation and confidence. If your scores of motivation and confidence are at least a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10, your habit has good potential to succeed. 


Each habit comes with one or more Habit Visuals that you schedule as habit reminders. Habit frequency is up to you, from multiple times a day, to daily, weekly, monthly or on special occasions. When you get the Habit Visual reminder you can practice or ignore. Make the Habit Visual your phone wallpaper or watch face for a continuous nudge.  You can get your Habit Visual reminders by text or email. Inspired by Marshall Goldsmith and Triggers, you rate your engagement on a scale of 1 to 10. For example, "Am I doing my best to be open-minded today?"

A habit is worthy of further investment in regular practice if you enjoy some benefits in the first week or two, and your motivation and confidence grow.

Find your keystone habits


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