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Our Team

We love what we do and have the deepest respect for the work that you do.

We are "all in" in supporting your vision to change the world, one coaching relationship at a time.

The Wellcoaches world-class faculty team has collaborated for 20+ years on developing, improving, innovating, and rolling out a wide variety of Wellcoaches programs. What keeps us together is that we challenge each other to grow and evolve our coaching mastery daily. We continue to grow and improve as much as our coaches and students - it's a shared, lifelong passion.

Wellcoaches Faculty Team
Wellcoaches Operations

Our Wellcoaches Operations Team sets the highest possible standard of program delivery, customer service, and business development.  They embody the best coaching qualities in their support of our students and members and are committed to continuous professional development. Our team doesn't just provide great customer service, they are also experts and leaders in the field.  From entrepreneurs to PhDs, they understand the needs of our students because they are doing the work of coaches and change agents as well.

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