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Social Mission

Our team makes the difference.

Wellcoaches is dedicated to advancing the field of coaching in healthcare and well-being on a global scale as a means for personal transformation, first for professionals, and then for their clients. Over the last decade, our team has helped create, lead, and support nonprofit organizations that translate science into coaching practices and support coaching research (Institute of Coaching), deliver national standards and certification for health and wellness coaches (National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching), and deliver lifestyle medicine education (Institute of Lifestyle Medicine). 

Commitment to

The Wellcoaches team is awake to, and in empathy with, the intense and profound pain of racism. We are listening deeply to the voices, perspectives and wisdom of black leaders and communities.

We are mourning the killings of black and brown men and women over centuries. We also understand that the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities have been terribly impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis and that this is just one symptom of the long history of systemic racism and inequity.

Wellcoaches is committed to anti-racism, which is sustained action to help people outgrow racist ideas, actions, and policies. We believe that racial diversity in our hiring practices and in selecting global partners is invaluable. The Wellcoaches team includes Black, Hispanic, and Asian members. And, the Wellcoaches community is diverse, comprised of coaches of every race and from nations around the world. Leveraging that strength, we are collaborating to offer pro bono coaching and coach training that supports BIPOC. We are actively finding paths to support the underserved and underestimated in schools, healthcare, education, and places of worship.

Together, we can shift our minds and hearts, one day at a time, to value, recognize, and create cultures of true equality which also fully respect and appreciate the rich contributions of our differences.

Wellcoaches founder Margaret Moore co-founded the Institute of Coaching in 2010 and donates a day a week to provide leadership and resources to the Institute and its bi-annual Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare conference.  The conference serves leaders, physicians, healthcare providers, executive coaches, life coaches and health and wellness coaches. The Institute of Coaching offers a membership donation program to allow coaches to access a treasure trove of learning materials on the translation of science to coaching practice in the areas of leadership, health & wellness, and positive psychology. As a sponsor of the Institute of Coaching, Wellcoaches coaches receive a generous membership discount.

Institute of Coaching

National Board for
Health and Wellness Coaching

In 2010, co-founded and co-led by Wellcoaches CEO Margaret Moore, the National Consortium for Credentialing of Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC) formed to build minimum standards and legitimacy for the role of health and wellness coaches. NCCHWC evolved to become the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), now a nonprofit subsidiary of the National Board of Medical Examiners, and launched the first national board certification for health and wellness coaches in 2017. The Wellcoaches Core Coach Training & Certification Program is an approved program by the NBHWC as a prerequisite for the NBC-HWC, national board certified health and wellness coach. The certification is based upon a best-practices certification examination content outline, which extensively references the Wellcoaches Coaching Psychology Manual.

Recent press releases from NBHWC:

AMA announces CPT codes for health and well-being coaching

NBHWC (was ICHWC) collaborates with CDC on group coaching competencies

NBME supports health and wellness coach certification

The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine was founded by Harvard physician Eddie Phillips, who co-authored a Harvard Health book with Wellcoaches founder Margaret Moore, titled Organize Your Emotions, Optimize Your Life. Eddie and the ILM are groundbreaking leaders in establishing lifestyle medicine in healthcare and medical education. The ILM offers live and online courses to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools for healthcare professionals to effectively and efficiently promote healthy lifestyle changes in their patients. Wellcoaches supports the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine through co-developing Harvard Medical School online CME programs and coaching curriculum for live events.

Institute of Lifestyle Medicine

Pam Schmid Scholarship 

The "Pam Schmid Scholarship" was created in 2016 to honor the work and legacy of Wellcoaches founding faculty member, Pam Schmid.  Pam was deeply dedicated to the value of coaching, mindfulness and presence in client relationships. After her own breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, she spent much of the last decade of her life helping other cancer patients through awareness and education, even publishing a book on breast cancer as well as establishing the first website dedicated to breast density.


To honor the life of their colleague Pam, each year, the faculty of Wellcoaches donate a class toward the scholarship fund. The scholarship is awarded each Fall to a new student who intends to apply their coach training to work with patients with cancer.

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