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Coaching skills prove instrumental in anti-trafficking aid work

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

In 2006 I began a journey to discover the purpose God had created me for. While watching what I thought to be an action movie in early 2007, I was introduced to the issue of human trafficking and was wrecked to the core. Not only did I know I had to do something, I also knew I had found “my thing” and truly felt in my spirit that one day I would be working for an anti-trafficking organization.

Over the years, I took several mission trips overseas to serve at safe houses and during those trips discovered my passion for working with survivors as they endeavor to recover, restore and heal from the physical and emotional trauma they endured. Yet, I never felt called to study mental health. In 2019, my employer enrolled me in the Wellcoaches Coach Training as part of my Wellness Coordinator role. During the 4-day onsite initial training we went through the process of crafting our Wellness Vision. I was slightly surprised to see working in human trafficking show up in that vision. While I was still passionate about the issue, I had encountered many roadblocks in my efforts to serve in the space domestically. But there was no denying its need to be a part of my wellness vision.

In early 2020, while attending an event, I heard a speaker who from a local anti-trafficking organization, Harbour Hope International, whose main mission is to provide mentoring relationships to survivors of human trafficking on their journey towards self-sustainability. I again felt the strong conviction that this was the place I was to pour out my passion. I went through their volunteer training and began serving as a mentor for a survivor. As my mentor partner and I helped our mentee establish goals for her life, I realized I had finally found the place for all of my Wellcoaches training to be applied in a way I was extremely passionate about. As the issue of trafficking continues to grow, so does our need for mentors to come alongside those survivors who are lucky enough to leave “the life”. In July of 2021 I was offered a position with Harbour Hope as their Mentor Program Coordinator, leading our mentor teams that are serving survivors on a daily basis.

The skills I acquired during my Wellcoaches training perfectly prepared me for this position, equipping me to help guide others to discover how to be the best version of themselves, unlocking the great potential that already lies within but simply needs to be uncovered. When survivors of trafficking make the brave step to leave the life for good, they come with a lot of baggage but little self-efficacy in their ability to do anything but the life they came from. Witnessing the transformation of the heart, mindset and behaviors of these individuals, facilitated by the Wellcoaches approach to coaching, is truly life-changing – for me as a coach and the survivors we serve. It moves these courageous individuals from a life of literally just surviving to an expectant future of thriving.

As my mentor team grows to accommodate the need, the evidence-based and practical protocols learned in my Wellcoaches certification allow me to help my mentors discover what sets their soul on fire and how they can step confidently & fully into that vision. While I appreciate every aspect of the comprehensive Wellcoaches training, creating my wellness vision and then watching it become my reality, has been the most motivating byproduct of the experience. Knowing we get to do the same for others is a blessing I feel honored to be a part of.

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