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Habits For Healthcare

Habits for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is struggling right now with unaffordable costs, burnout, and lifestyle-related disease epidemics, driving disruptive change as far as the eye can see. Wellcoaches has trained more than 12,000 health professionals as coaches since 2002 and we understand how coaching habits transform us and those we serve. Now we want to deliver to everyone in healthcare the keystone habits that enable positive change and thriving, and a patient-centered coaching culture where everyone grows together.

The habits system is designed for any organization that aspires to a culture of coaching where everyone is growing and thriving together. Let's all engage in the triple aim of human biology: connect, grow, thrive.

Habits for Healthcare

Behavior Change

You would love to better influence others to make positive and lasting changes in health, happiness and performance. Wellcoaches coaching habits, grounded in our evidence-based coaching protocols, are designed to upgrade your influence. Find your keystone habits:

  1. Behavior Change

  2. Connect

  3. Communicate

  4. Cultivate Capacities

Burnout Prevention

You may be getting depleted, giving more than you are getting back. You may be just surviving and not thriving. Find your keystone habits that refuel your energy tank and set your compass on thriving, feeling better over time.

Emotions can energize or deplete us. Most of us suffer too much, and don’t suffer well. When the dose of negativity is too high, we are unable to adapt and change, nor influence others. Find the keystone habits that increase positive emotions and find the wisdom in your negative emotions. Learn our new “declipse” habit, a novel mindfulness technique that enables quick access to equanimity.

Emotional Balance

Transformational Leadership

Helping others, teams, and organizations transform starts with self-transformation. Find and transcend your growth edges, the ones holding you back as a visionary, role model, coach, and innovator.


Habits For Coaches




Eligible for 10 Wellcoaches Continuing Education Credits

This course is included in Wellcoaches Module 1

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