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We teach you how to help people change, grow and thrive
Professional health and wellbeing coaches are expert facilitators of sustainable change in mindset and 
​behaviors. Translating science and innovation into coaching practice, Wellcoaches teaches you how to use evidence-based coaching tools and processes designed to help others change, grow and thrive.

We wrote the textbook on health coaching
We authored the first coaching textbook in healthcare and wellness, now in its second edition. The Coaching Psychology Manual, the foundation of our program, is recommended reading for National Board Certified Coaches and widely used as the text for several coach training programs as well as academic courses, including a Science of Coaching Psychology Course at Harvard University Extension School. Check out the research based on our coaching model.

More than 20 years as pioneering leaders
In January 2000, Wellcoaches founded the first coaching school for health and wellbeing  professionals, with a vision of creating a new health professional who is expert in facilitating behavior change. Our
20 year journey in designing and testing coaching protocols, training models, and skills assessment, pursuing research and unifying standards, helped enable CPT codes for health and well-being coaching, naming the coach as a healthcare professional, launched in January 2020.


It’s a great book and it really helped me get my footing on coaching. It really addresses everything I wanted to know and more. I remember thinking every evening after reading a section that: “wow, If I can get this down, I’d be a great coach” and I felt challenged and inspired. I still go back to it because some things they just explained so wonderfully.


- Willem van der Walt, Agile Coach at Capitec Bank

We collaborate with partners, including the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, to help everyone who works in healthcare and wellness learn how to coach to improve health, well-being, and quality of life. We are also an approved training program for the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching.

Together, let's create a world where everyone welcomes change, enjoys growth, and is good at both.

Apply for the National Board Certification after completing our certification program. Even if you don’t have an allied health background, we offer a pathway for you to become a Certified Health & Wellness Coach.


Wellcoaches has supported over 500 coaches in taking the national exam with a 95% pass rate!

Join 13,000 Coaches in 50 Countries


Begin with  Wellcoaches Training & Certification

Foundational coach track for those who want to master coaching competencies. There are three pathways:


  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach

  • Certified Personal Coach

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a  Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine


National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching Certification

Once you have achieved the Wellcoaches Certification, you may be eligible to become a National Board Certified - Health and Wellness Coach.


International Coach Federation Certification

Once you have achieved the Wellcoaches Certification and completed our Advanced Coach Training and Certification, you may be eligible to earn an ICF Certification.

Our Strategic Partners

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Approvals, Accreditations and Continuing Education

International Coach Federation ACTP Approved Program

Our Core Coach Certification + Professional Coach Certification graduates are eligible to apply for an ICF Certification via the ACTP pathway

All Continuing Education Opportunities

Wellcoaches School of Coaching has built relationships with many providers to help you earn Continuing Education Credits.  

National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching Approved Program

Students who complete our Wellcoaches Certification process (Modules 1-3) + the Lifestyle Medicine for Coach (Module 4) may take the National Board Certification


Resources & Science

Our team writes and presents prolifically on the art and science of coaching. Enjoy our best articles and books written by Wellcoaches faculty, as well as our favorite videos and presentations.


Premise Health has partnered with Wellcoaches to certify our wellness coaches and provide continuing education across our enterprise since 2006.  We chose Wellcoaches, as they are a leader in the field and its program has a strong evidence-based approach. As a result of Wellcoaches training, our coaches and providers are able to bring about lasting change in individuals and groups.  The addition of the Lifestyle Medicine for Coach course and the amazing facilitators have provided further support for our team members' growth and development.

Tracey Vickers, CHWC, LMC
Product Manager, Wellness Coaching
Premise Health

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