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Quick 30-minute Ask Me Anything session
Don't have time for the full walk-through of our curriculum?  Join us to get the information you need to move forward. Beth Tansey Peller, Student Enrollment Coach, will answer your questions about our training and certification process. 

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date below.  

Tuesday, July 2nd at 1:00PM ET

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Thursday, July 18th

11:00AM ET to 12:30PM ET

Full 90-minute session
Learn why earning a certification from a credible coaching school such as Wellcoaches matters and how you can help others thrive.


CEO Coach Meg will answer questions and provide insights about the future of coaching. You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of the Wellcoaches curriculum and the steps to become certified.

Watch a previous session here.

Group meetings aren't your thing? Ask your questions one-on-one!

We would love to learn more about you and help you thrive on your coaching journey!
Contact Beth Tansey Peller (866) 932-6224 (ext. 706), schedule a meeting or send us your questions here.

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Participating in the 4-day Wellcoaches training & certification process was a rewarding experience. The pace of the program was just what I needed as a busy mom with a demanding career in healthcare. The curriculum was well put together and the instructors were simply amazing. I loved that they offered real life experiences and presented the content in a manner that was easily understood. The self paced modules provided me with an opportunity to review them at my convenience, some of which I reviewed multiple times because the information was so intriguing. At the completion of the Wellcoaches training & certification program, I feel I have learned priceless skills that I can use in my everyday life as a nurse, leader, coach, and entrepreneur. I am thankful to have found such an amazing program that has provided me with a solid foundation to coach clients with confidence.

Kai Lang


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