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Becoming a Coach: Mastery Comes from Masters

As the coaching industry expands, the choices of schools, programs and philosophies has grown exponentially. However, becoming a coach is about much more than studying a set of skills and then applying them scientifically to another person. Becoming a coach is as much about personal transformation as it is professional growth. To become a coach, one must BE coach-like in all aspects of one’s life. And, for this transformation to occur, it is important that you connect with a coaching community with shared values, philosophies and visions. This 10-part blog series is designed to support you in navigating that choice.

Wellcoaches faculty are experienced and masterful coaches. Like you, your teachers at Wellcoaches are lifelong learners, continually striving to grow and improve. That is why eight of our faculty members have the highest certifications from the INTERNATIONAL COACH FEDERATION. Ongoing professional development is a joy for us – and we love to share our leading-edge learning with you!

Your teachers bring diverse backgrounds, just like you in a field that is diverse in its nature.  They are scientists, psychologists, nurses, physicians, physiologists, dieticians, executive coaches, healthcare experts, authors – and most of all, dedicated to living an authentically healthy lifestyle.  You will find both role models and inspirations among them.

Our faculty members are practicing coaches, with active coaching practices –  with real success stories…and real challenges.  We love to share the stories of our clients’ victories and our own learning processes to support new coaches in navigating their own discovery about the kinds of coaches they are becoming. Our live classes provide the opportunity for rich storytelling and discussion about the work.

Although we present forward-thinking, leading-edge content, this is not an experimental program. You will benefit from our many years of coach training experience.  Since 2002, we have trained the largest pool of professional coaches in the world – over 10,000.  Many of our students come from health care systems, large employers, and coaching and wellness vendors. We have a well over a decade of experience learning from our students, who are applying the concept of coaching in the real world.  You can be certain that you will be presented with new ideas and skills in a way that enables you to apply them with confidence.

Inquires for reflection:

What kind of experience do you believe is important for faculty to have?

What are indicators of coaching “expertise”?

What is the learning environment you hope an masterful teacher would create for the students?

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