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Tuition and Payment Plans

Tuition for Core Coach Training Program Individual Modules (As of November 2022)

Module 1:  $1785 virtual/$2145 on-site        Module 2:  $215      Module 3: $845         Module 4: $435

Professional Coach Training Program (for Certified Coaches)

$4100 Tuition, plus expenses for 2 residential weekends and books on the reading list

Does Wellcoaches Provide Tuition Assistance or Have any Scholarships?

  • The Pam Schmid Scholarship is intended for coaches planning to work with people who have cancer. Apply here.

  • The Health Equity Scholarship is designed to provide free and low-cost opportunities for training and education to students who have been economically disadvantaged, underserved, or impacted by systemic racism and other structures that prevent growth. Learn More.


How Can You Save?

  • Plan ahead and register before the Early Bird Discount Date to save $100. See the deadlines.

  • Purchase the National Board Certification Track bundle (Modules 1 – 4). Save $195 and receive our National Board Exam Prep course—a $90 value—as well as 3 months of Wellcoaches Membership.


Does Wellcoaches Have Payment Plans?

  • We do offer payment plans for some of our Certification Tracks, based on how far ahead you register, so that you have paid in full by the time you complete Lesson 18 of Module 1.

  • The closer to the registration deadline that you register, the more likely the payment option will no longer be available. This may be why you don’t see a payment plan for the Cohort in which you would like to enroll.

  • Visit each cohort registration paid for PayPal or credit card options.


How Do You Know if There’s a Payment Plan Available When You Register?

  • Click on the “Get the Details”  button in the cohort you'd like to join

  • Choose the Certification Track you want 

  • Scroll down to see if a Payment Plan is available on the left side of the screen

    • If there is, deselect Single Payment and select the Payments option

    • Or, choose a later Cohort, which may still also have an Early Bird Discount

    • If you choose a later Module 1 Cohort with a National Board Certification Track, you can work on Module 4 even before your Module 1 classes begin

How Often Are Module 1 Cohorts Offered?

  • Every month we start a 9-Week cohort

  • We alternate between offering a 4-Day or a 4-Week cohort

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