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PCT grad launches her latest book

Albertson, a Wellcoaches professional coach training graduate, has been working with women in midlife her whole career. Today, at nearly 60, her aim is to revolutionize aging and live well to at least 100. She calls this period in life, a second adulthood, a rich time to take everything we’ve learned and ask, “what do I want to create?”

One of her aspirations is that “when our daughters get to be midlife there’s no crisis left.”

Anybody can pick up this book and get something from it, she said, adding it is based on reams of science and research much like Wellcoaches curriculum.

A major section of the book is focused on “destination vibration.” What that means in practical application is to become the person you want to be, today. And you start by thinking about a time in your life that you were really happy. For Albertson, she visualizes herself dancing. She recreates the energy and joy she feels while dancing.

Albertson’s career has morphed and transformed as

Ellen Albertson

much as she has over the years. Moving from a dietician and personal trainer into coaching and practicing self-compassion.

“I would not be who I am without Margaret Moore. Wellcoaches changed my trajectory.”

She recalls Wellcoaches Professional Coach Training having a distinct impact on her work. Through the training, she has even more tools in her toolbox. The work of Bob Kegan, Barbara Frederickson, Martin Seligman, all this work that was introduced in Wellcoaches training also shows up in her book.

“It was so worth it and it was so much fun. It’s going to have a profound impact on your coaching skills. No hesitation one of the absolute best training I have ever done. If not THE best,” Albertson said.

“PCT transformed my life. Getting all of this coaching and a profound opportunity for enlightening yourself."

She said Margaret Moore guided her toward Fielding Graduate University where she earned her Ph.D. and learned about self-compassion.

Albertson shared that while earlier in life she had a negative body image and experienced depression, she has now through the integration of Kristin Neff’s work on Self-compassion (who also was on her dissertation committee) created a better relationship with herself. She feels more empowered.

The seven steps in her book are all part of her personal experience too. She has moved through them and said she is now called to make the world a better place.

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