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Organize Your Mind

Course Description

The Importance of an Organized Mind

This online course addresses a widespread and growing epidemic of too-busy, frenzied, distracted and disorganized minds.


  • 58% of adults report being addicted to their smartphones.

  • 70% of employees are not emotionally engaged in their work.

  • Many people overeat, which can impair the brain's working memory or "computer processing" capacity.

  • 400,000 car accidents and 3,000 deaths per year are caused by distracted driving.

  • Most people feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious at least some of the time.

Prominent surgeons are deeply concerned that the next generation operating room staff is showing an impaired ability to focus, reducing level of skill mastery. Pediatricians are overwhelmed and lack tools to help parents and children with attention deficits. Multitasking, frenzy, and overwhelm are an epidemic for working adults and college students, and poised to hurt human performance in coming years.

Organize Your Mind Course Description

The key to a less hectic, less stressful life is an organized mind. An organized mind is intentional, deep, agile, diverse, and energized - emotionally and physically. It's productive, creative, and strategic, every day.


Our Organize Your Mind® course, building on the bestselling Harvard Health book, Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life, coaches you to coach yourself to an organized mind...


  • 5 strategies based on brain science

  • 5 steps based on coaching science

  • 5 habits based on self-science

This online course is self-paced and can be started, stopped, and restarted anytime. There are six lessons and each lesson has an average of six classes. Each class includes a webinar and exercises, which takes around 15 minutes to complete. You have access to the course for one year, allowing ample time for learning, experimenting with new skills and building new habits. Our Organize Your Mind course offers Wellchoaches, CDR, and ACSM continuing education credits (CECs).

Watch a short sample lesson overview video: Watch Diverse 

Continuing Education

Wellcoaches - 5.5 hours
ACSM - 5.5  hours



You have one year access to complete our comprehensive program at your own pace, including ongoing updates and additions. 


Contact Us to discuss an organizational package to create a culture of organized minds, including team and population assessments.

Course Testimonials

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One of the key element that I learned from this course was about the “Hotspots” for coaching and the Brain States. I really like the idea about having an imaginary dial that goes up and down based on which brain state one is in...learning about strategies to sweep clean my mind - notice, name, accept, experience, appreciate, connect, compassion, curiosity, learning, purpose, change of channel. This strategy will help me prepare for a coaching session by controlling the negative emotions and letting the positive emotions energize the brain. Sometimes at work I come across some very challenging clients this tool will help me organize my mind while talking to the client and also before I move on to talk to the next client.


Organize Your Mind Student

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I learned how to utilize meta awareness more often to sort of step outside my thinking and evaluate situations, especially during times that may be higher stress. I also learned how to actively "turn down" certain areas of my brain to become more aware of utilize certain states during specific circumstances in my life and with clients. I have Meg's voice stuck in my head, which she says "turn down" X state, when I'm envisioning that dial to turn it down.


Organize Your Mind Student

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I appreciate the topic of being intentional. Being intentional in life will assist in goal setting and I believe living life to the fullest.


Organize Your Mind Student

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I find myself thinking about which part of my brain I am using during many activities and am involved in throughout the day. It is knowledge I have never had before and it puts me more in touch with my overall self. I foresee that I can help my clients understand where they are imbalanced by spending spending too much time in a specific area of their brain versus others. For example, I anticipate most will spend too much time in the "Executive Control" center and not in the more liberating and creative parts of the brain.


Organize Your Mind Student

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My ability to develop a better understanding of my brain states has helped me be a more mindful individual, and schedule activities that promote my wellness vision during times I am most capable. As a coach with a better understanding of brain states, I am more able to understand the perspective of a coachee, and help them lead themselves into more opportunities for 'active mastery' and apply more executive control to their day.


Organize Your Mind Student

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I really enjoyed the section on physical energy classes. I learned more about the importance of exercising and how benefits the brain. I also started consuming more chia seeds because I want to have a healthy brain and I've been trying to take more breaks throughout the day.


Organize Your Mind Student

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