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Receiving Email

Be sure you don't miss important news and information!

The registration process includes several steps that are facilitated by your receiving emails and following the directions within them. Here are some tips for ensuring that you receive emails that come from us and our partner vendors.

If you use Gmail:
Click what looks like a cog wheel upper right corner under your email address or go to Settings
Choose "Filters"
Create a new filter (link at the bottom)
In the From box, type in ""
Click "Create filter" with this search
Choose "Never send it to Spam"
Choose "Always mark it as important"
Click "Create filter"

Whitelist our email and IP addresses: Whitelist e-mail address or IP adresses that are considered to be spam free. Whitelists are used frequently with e-mail applications to allow users to compile lists of senders they wish to receive e-mail from. This list overrides any blacklists and spam filters, and allows the e-mails to be delivered to the users inbox instead of filtered out as spam. This is ESPECIALLY important if you are using a work address as technical support departments often strictly enforce email, leading to your not being able to receive email from us.

For feedback/survey tools: Whitelist IP range: through AND mail coming from *.*

For all emails received from us: Whitelist IP range: – AND mail coming from or

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