9-week virtual classroom/ 2 classes each wk 

Our Health and Wellness Coach Training program is widely respected as the gold standard. Our industry-first programs gave birth to a new professional, the Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  The training is also open to those who do not intend to become a Health and Wellness Coach but wish to learn the skills and behaviors to apply in other settings as Personal Coach. Our Health and Wellness coach training and certification programs, endorsed by our strategic partners, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, are designed for professionals with expertise such as: weight, nutrition, fitness, stress or mind/body medicine, lifestyle medicine, chronic disease, and mental health. 


We offer a 90-minute information session each month!


$100 Early bird discount for Module 1 available until Sep 27. We offer payment plans dependent upon your date of registration. PayPal credit is also available as a payment option.

Training Only - Module 1: $1475

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Wellcoaches Certification Track - Module 1 - 3: $2300

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Purchasing all 3 Modules together provides a $25 discount on Module 2 and $25 discount on Module 3.

National Certification Track - Module 1 - 4: $2550

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Purchasing all 4 Modules together provides a $25 discount on Module 2 and  3, and $145 discount on Module 4.

Special offer for Nov: Purchase the 1-4 bundle today and receive the National Board Certification Preparation Course ($75 value)!

Payment plans may be available through registration links.

This class is for Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners Only

Module 1 Class Dates/Times
(listed in New York time)


Week of Nov 7


Week of Jan 22

Each week you will attend two consecutive lessons. All listed in ET.

First lesson:

Sunday 6pm or

Monday 9am or

Tuesday 4pm

Second lesson:

Wednesday 6pm or

Thursday 9am or

Thursday 4pm


You must attend two different lessons each week.

Holiday/no class weeks:

Nov 21, Dec 19, Dec 26

Faculty and Format

Our classes are provided live, allowing you to learn from and be mentored by the most experienced and credentialed faculty in the industry. 

This class is delivered in a virtual classroom, with screen sharing and video capability, via your computer. Active engagement in discussion and practice are a key part of being a student and becoming a coach.


Early Bird for $100 discount: Sep 27, 2021

Registration deadline:
Oct 28, 2021 
at 5pm ET or when full

Certification deadline:
Jul 31, 2023


This module is a prerequisite for Module 2. You must complete Modules 2 and 3 for Wellcoaches Certification!


Review the Certification Handbook

Watch an 11-minute overview describing training and certification requirements.


Note that preparation for this course requires an average of 20 hours of reading and listening in advance.


Required Purchase (ebook recommended):

The Coaching Psychology Manual , 2nd edition

Additional reading and listening materials are provided upon registration.

The first step in becoming a Certified Wellcoach®


Our classes provide you with the essential theories of coaching science and application of skills coaching, based on our Coaching Psychology Manual (required text; ebook recommended). The Manual is the foundation of our program, a primary study tool to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and is widely used as the text for several coach training programs as well as academic courses, including a Science of Coaching Psychology Course at Harvard University Extension School. Check out the research based on our coaching model.


In addition to participating in live classes, you will receive our 10-hour coaching habits e-course.


Completion of these two courses, including ALL live classes, will be required to receive a Certificate of Attendance.  

This module is a prerequisite for Module 2.

You must complete Modules 2 and 3 for Wellcoaches Certification!


Review the Certification Handbook

Watch an 11-minute overview describing training and certification requirements.

How long will it take?

Here is a sample timeline for completing all the Modules required to become a Certified Wellcoach® and applying for the National exam when you have enrolled in the 9-week training option:

February – March: Begin Module 1 and complete the 18 live virtual classes (Two-90 min classes/Week), feedback surveys and knowledge assessments.

Keep in mind that is approx. 1-2 hours of course work before each lesson (i.e., reading the manual, listening to coaching demos, and reading articles).

April - May: Complete Module 2 by participating in five-2-hour live virtual classes, four e-courses, and completing feedback surveys and knowledge assessments.


May: Begin Module 3 by completing three, 1-hour mentoring sessions and begin work with practice client(s).


June-July: Complete Module 3 by submitting Wellness Visions and Goals (for you and one client) and passing the written and oral exams.


July-August: Receive your "Certified Wellcoach®" designation and start conducting the 50 coaching sessions needed to apply for the NBHWC exam.


September: Complete Module 4, "Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches", assessments and feedback surveys. Receive your "Lifestyle Medicine Coach" certificate.


Apply to take the National exam, through National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching, after all four modules and you have practiced with your own clients for 50 coaching sessions.