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Organize Your Mind® to Thrive: Self-Coaching Course

Join our innovative and enlightening course in self-coaching, getting you back into a classroom to learn how to better coach your mind and brain. At a comfortable pace over 12 months, not only will you gain a better handle on your mental energy, emotional life, drives, confidence, creativity, and habits, you will experience a personal transformation that spills over to others you care about. And more - you’ll have the self-coaching skills you need to navigate what’s ahead.

The Organize Your Mind® to Thrive self-coaching course is offered in a group class format as distant education via telephone, supplemented with weekly webinars and other multi-media tools and buddy collaboration to support your learning. You can join at any time throughout the year allowing ample time to transform how you coach yourself and your constantly changing emotional weather report, outgrowing your old mindset and habits so that you never go back.

Webinar examples:

Taming Frenzy

Why we need to learn self-coaching skills

The adult mind does not come with an instruction manual, teaching you how to rise above struggles to thrive in the domains of life that matter most. Our 24/7 always-on world has led to an epidemic of distraction and stress for all ages, overloading our brains’ circuitry beyond its design.

The good news is that a treasure trove of recent scientific breakthroughs are explaining how the brain works and learns, and the ideal conditions to get our minds and brains beyond surviving to thriving. Our self-coaching courses build upon the Harvard Health book, Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life, co-authored by Wellcoaches founder, Coach Meg, which describes a a brain-based self-coaching process to develop an organized, creative, and productive mind.