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Core Coach Training Program & Certification 

Wellcoaches is leading the way in establishing health and wellness coaches as game-changing professionals in healthcare, corporate and consumer wellness. Enjoy the journey of our innovative, intensive, and transformational 18-week core coach training program, and demonstrate your skills in applying science-based coaching competencies. This program is conveniently delivered via distance learning and teleconference.

For experienced health and wellness professionals who want to become Certified Health and Wellness Coaches: Our 18-week Core Health and Wellness Coach training programlaunched in 2002 to give birth to new a new profession - the health and wellness coach, expert in helping people rise above the barriers to good health and thrive by making lasting changes in mindset and behavior, who also brings to the table their own expertise in areas such as nutrition, fitness, lifestyle medicine, and mental health. See prerequisite requirements for participating in this program. Brochure and Video Overview for the Core Health and Wellness Coach Training Program. This certification is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

For professionals who want to become (non-Health) Certified Coaches:  Wellcoaches also offers an 18-week Core Coach Training program for non-health professionals to combine with their domain expertise in areas such as career, marketing, business, financial, or life stage coaching (retirement, etc.). It will deliver the same leading-edge, evidence based coaching competencies as in our health and wellness coach training program and enable coaches to coach clients on non-health life domains. 

Note: Wellcoaches continues its high standard for Certified Health and Wellness Coaches by requiring health sciences prerequisites. And, we are responding to strong interest in adapting our coach training programs for application outside the health domain. 


Professional Coach Training & Certification Program for
Certified Health and Wellness Coaches who have completed the Core Training Program

The emerging profession of health and wellness coaching is poised to enter its golden era, supported by evidence-based education, validated tools, and research – a scientific foundation for credibility and efficacy. Wellcoaches is at the forefront as a translator, integrator, and innovator with its 10 month advanced Professional Coach Training & Certification program. We’ve polished the science into a crown of coaching jewels for health and wellness coaches. We call the crown the Onward & Upward Model.

While the Wellcoaches core coach training and certification program provides what you can think of as training wheels, core skills to help health professionals become competent health and wellness coaches, our advanced 100-hour program gives Certified Wellness Coaches a path to flight as a masterful coach.