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18-Week Core Coach Training Program Coaches

In this 18-week, telephonic, distance learning program, we combine the power of science-based coaching competencies and web technology to mobilize the best coaches to help people make lasting improvements to their health and well-being. Together, we are making a significant dent in some of the toughest challenges of our times: the epidemics of obesity, sedentary lifestyles, stress, depression, poor nutrition, and ever-rising healthcare costs. 

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For experienced health and wellness professionals who want to become Certified Health and Wellness Coaches: Our 18-week Core Health and Wellness Coach training programlaunched in 2002 to give birth to new a new profession - the health and wellness coach, expert in helping people rise above the barriers to good health and thrive by making lasting changes in mindset and behavior, who also brings to the table their own expertise in areas such as nutrition, fitness, lifestyle medicine, and mental health. See prerequisite requirements for participating in this program. Brochure and Video Overview for the Core Health and Wellness Coach Training Program. This certification is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

For professionals who want to become (non-Health) Certified Coaches:  Wellcoaches also offers a Core Coach Training program for non-health professionals to combine with their domain expertise in areas such as career, marketing, business, financial, or life stage coaching (retirement, etc.). Delivering the same leading-edge, evidence based coaching competencies as in our health and wellness coach training program and enabling coaches to coach clients on non-health life domains.

Note: Wellcoaches continues its high standard for Certified Health and Wellness Coaches by requiring health sciences prerequisites. And, we are responding to strong interest in adapting our coach training programs for application outside the health domain. 

Top Ten Things (+1) to Know About the Program

1. There are eighteen interactive, 90-minute classes, which take place once each week (except during major US holidays)
2. Classes are held via telephone bridgeline (a call-in number is provided after registration); you do not need to travel to attend this program
3. You are expected to attend live and actively participate in the discussions and practice opportunities throughout each class, which requires that you have reviewed all Lesson materials prior to class each week
4. You must be eligible to participate by submitting proof of prerequisites upon registration
5. You do not need a computer to participate in the live classes, but will need to be able to access class materials via computer (which are provided from a secure website after registration)
6. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, you will need to complete all Lesson Feedback Surveys
7. Once you have been accepted into the Training program, you are also eligible to apply for Certification upon completion of the program
8. Certification requires an additional fee and the successful completion of several components, including a written and oral exam
9. You have one-year, following the completion of training, to apply to become a Certified Coach (designation will be "Certified Health and Wellness Coach" or "Certified Coach" as eligible)
10. You will be transformed by this program, both personally and professionally
11. Completion of the program, and Certification, is the prerequisite to the advanced, 10-month Professional Coach Training program

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Register to join us for a high-level overview of our 18-week core Health & Wellness Coach Training & Certification program:

May 27th at 1pm ET Click here to register
June 19th at 1pm ET Click here to register
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**You will receive instructions for joining the conversation once you have registered. You may also review the PowerPoint Presentation here; this will be discussed during the Q&A.

Training Eligibility:
To be eligible to particpate in Wellcoaches Coach Training Program, applicants must provide proof of accepted prerequisites. Please review the complete list of eligibility requirements here BEFORE you register for either training program. Need to request a waiver for prerequisites? Click here.

Training Registration Deadlines:  

May 2014 

     Early Bird deadline:  March 31, 2014
     Registration closes:  May 5, 2014

Training Schedules
Certification Requirements
Fees and Refunds
Mentor Coaching


Coach Certification

Certified Health and Wellness Coach - Once you have completed our core coach training program, if you have eligible healthcare prerequisites you may become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. This certification is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine. 

Certified Coach (for the non-health professional) - Once you have completed our core coach training program, if you have eligible prerequisites you may become a Certified Coach. 

The certification process includes:

  • completion of core coach training lesson feedback surveys
  • certification application
  • payment of the core certification fee of $495
  • verification of prerequisites (for those enrolled prior to the September 2012 class)
  • practical skills assessment in a role-play telephone coaching session
  • written exam (at a computer testing site)
  • submission of practice client data
  • submission of your personal wellness vision and 3-month goals
  • agreement to the Certification and Branding Agreement