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Welcome to Wellcoaches!

We lead the way.
Coach training at its best...

…..defining coaching science:  help us build a field that lasts
…..delivering high impact: climb the learning curve quickly
…. chronically innovating: never stop learning and growing
…..changing the game: help us disseminate coaching skills in healthcare and wellness
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We deliver health and wellness coach training & education programs to support:
Corporate wellness professionals
Patient-centered healthcare
Professionals who want to build a private coaching practice or enhance job opportunities
Universities who want to add coaching education and skills to degree programs

For experienced health & wellness professionals who want to become Certified Health & Wellness Coaches: Our 18-week Core Health and Wellness Coach training program, completed by 8,000 professionals since 2002. This program gave birth to a new professional - the health & wellness coach, expert in helping people rise above the barriers to good health and thrive by making lasting changes in mindset and behavior. 


For professionals who want to become (non-Health) Certified Coaches:  Wellcoaches also offers an 18-week Coach training program for non-health professionals to combine with their domain expertise in areas such as career, marketing, business, financial, or life stage coaching (retirement, etc.). Delivering the same leading-edge, evidence based coaching competencies as in our health and wellness coach training program and enabling coaches to coach clients on non-health life domains.

Note: Wellcoaches continues its high standard for Certified Health and Wellness Coaches by requiring health sciences prerequisites. And, we are responding to strong interest in adapting our coach training programs for application outside the health domain. 

Both programs are taught by our world-class coach training faculty and include eighteen 90-minute, live weekly teleclasses based on our coaching textbook, The Coaching Psychology Manual. Each lesson includes skills practice and enriching discussion with coaching masters. Classes begin January, March, May, July, September, and November. 


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April 22, 2014 at 1:00pm ET
May 27, 2014 at 1:00pm ET
June 19, 2014 at 1:00pm ET
July 10, 2014 at 2pm ET

You will receive instructions for joining the conversation once you have registered. You may also review the PowerPoint Presentation here; this will be discussed during the Q&A.



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What's New! (a lot...)

Continuing Education Update:
Wellcoaches 18-Week Core Health & Wellness Coach Training Program has been approved for up to 52.25 Prescribed credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Trainees in the January 2014 cohort or later are eligible to earn AAFP/AMA credits.

Strive to Thrive
Uncovering Motivation and Overcoming Ambivalence
How We Be: Coaching Presence
Reinvent with Wellness Visions
Connection Through Compassion
The Coach Approach for Self-Determination
Coaching: A Catalyst of Change

Continuing Education partnership with National Institute of Whole Health to bring, exclusively to  Wellcoaches graduates, the NIWH Whole Health Science program. This 10 module, 16 course program provides cutting edge, integrative health science  courses presented by leading health experts and researchers, along with the renowned NIWH faculty.

California University of Pennsylvania's Master's in Exercise Science and Health Promotion now offers a unique concentration in Wellness Coaching, developed in concert with Wellcoaches®. This concentration provides students the opportunity to become a Certified Wellcoach®, the foundation for a career in Wellness Coaching. The Wellness Coaching concentration is offered in a 100% online format, as are the other concentrations of the Exercise Science and Health Promotion program. If you have additional questions about the program, please email wellcoach@calu.edu.


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Core Coaching Competencies, Vancouver, WA - May 16  
International Coach Federation Advance 2014 - Atlanta, GA - May 29-31 
Core Coaching Competencies, San Antonio, TX - June 2 
Core Coaching Competencies, Memphis, TN - June 20 
Core Coaching Competencies, Cincinnati, OH - June 21
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